Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving List

Here is our annual list of 100+ things we're thankful to God for.

Try doing your own.
List specific things that you are glad God has blessed you with.

Thanksgiving List
1. God
2. Salvation in Jesus
3. The Cross
4. The Hope of the Resurrection
5. A Home in Heaven
6. Grace
7. The G Chord
8. The Bible
9. Drip Watering Systems
10. USB Thumb Drives
11. Poetry
12. Paper
13. Creative Thought
14. Talking it out
15. Flashlights
16. Pets
17. Carpet Cleaning Services
18. Latex Paint
19. Water Based Primer
20. Paintable Caulk
21. Drop Cloths
22. Realtors
23. Generous People
24. Air Travel
25. David and Susan Woods
26. Maranatha Volunteers International and “Mission Stories”
27. Safe Travel
28. Smiles
29. Laughter
30. Leaf Rakes
31. Knife Sharpeners
32. Mixing Bowls
33. New Recipes
34. Calculators
35. Cell Phones
36. Sleeping Bags
37. Doctors
38. Secrets
39. Having a Job
40. America
41. Clocks
42. Photocopiers
43. Singing
44. Baseboard Molding
45. Hardware Stores
46. Homegrown Anything
47. Sharing
48. Sleeping In
49. Winning Raffle Tickets
50. Successful and Safe Mission Trips
51. Ron and Anu Kedras
52. Medicine
53. The Removal of Slivers
54. MP3 Audio Technology
55. Digital Cameras
56. Rubber Gloves
57. Telephones
58. Rentable Storage Space
59. Curbside Trash Collection
60. PVC Pipe
61. Anointing Oil
62. Prayer
63. Creative Thought
64. Thank You Notes
65. Police
66. Firefighters
67. Paramedics
68. The Desire to Give
69. Book Ends
70. Strike Anywhere Matches
71. Slippers
72. Pumpkin Butter
73. Interstate Highway System
74. Rain
75. Blogs
76. Bible Studies
77. Putts that go in
78. Drives that are straight
79. The Story of the Prodigal Son
80. Apple Boxes
81. Beach Combing
82. The incredible edible egg
83. Sunflower Seeds
84. The Turkey Trot
85. Accomplishing Goals
86. Gas Cans
87. People who stop to help
88. Gloves
89. New Possibilities
90. Glue
91. Air Powered Tools
92. Door Mats
93. Marriage
94. Another Year
95. House Painters
96. All Ten Fingers
97. Library Privileges
98. Google Maps
99. Adhesive Bandages
100. Snow
101. Sheet Protectors
102. The ability to change
103. Losing 20 pounds
104. Basketball
105. Baked Potatoes
106. Food Traditions
107. Indian Food
108. Club Soda
109. Twinkle Lights
110. Wooden Spoons
111. Hot Herb Tea
112. Cornstarch
113. Yogurt
114. Text Messaging
115. Blue Tooth
116. Human Diversity and Differences
117. Polenta
118. Weather Stipping

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Indian Dinner for World Missions

On Sat. Night, November 15, we hosted an East Indian Dinner at Church as a fund raiser for the mission fund at our church. (Rebekah will use some of the funds for a mission trip next summer.) We had bread, curry, dahl, rice pudding, lassi drinks, rice. It was pretty good food, considering the cooks were a bunch of third generation immigrant Germans.

We are so blessed to be part of a generous church. The meal was a social and financial success.

Thanks to all for coming and for your support of


Transition Talk

We are in the middle of our transition to new responsibilities at the Antioch Church. There have been complications along the way..with Debbie's job particularly. She was fired and then rehired at FULL TIME. In all our years of marriage, she has only worked full time for 2 years, while we were at the Seminary...and I was a full time student.

Our house went on the market on Friday, and we shall see when it sells.

We are in a difficult spot and the length of our transition is being a bit problematic. It will stretch on for another 6 months at least. It's very complicated and I have lots of mixed emotions about everything. Am I glad to be leaving? No. Am I glad to be arriving? yes. Do I like packing? No. Am I sad that my current house has dropped 100,000 dollars in the past year. Yes. Am I glad that I can buy a house much cheaper in our new community? Yes. Am I looking forward to the change? Yes. Am I sad to be leaving the friends I've enjoyed for the past 9 years? Yes. Am I looking forward to new friends in our new community? Yes.

So you see...lots of mixed emotions and anticipations mixed with sadness.

I've finally come to the opinion that God will be with me whereever I I'm glad that as we move to Antioch...God has already been there, will be there to bless our ministry in that church...and will work out the details along the way.

So...praise the Lord.
Jan 10 is now the final sermon day at Redding, and Jan 31 will be our welcome Sabbath at Antioch.

That's how it is in day on the calendar...when it finally arrives brings many changes.

Change on!

Kris Widmer

Happy Thanksgiving

In spite of the sorrow in my world the last couple of weeks, (The deaths at Pacific Union College and the deaths of my friends Bob Buller and Bruno Teichman), we still have much to thank the Lord for this holiday season. God is still God and the promises of the Word of God are still true.

I am currently typing this in Marysville at Thanksgiving with Debbie's Family. This morning started in Redding with Debbie and Rebekah doing the Turkey Trot run on the River Trail. There were many members of our school and church community in the race. In fact, the runners that placed 2nd and 3rd overall were recent alumni of Redding Adventist Academy.

After going home for a dip in the hot tub and shower and breakfast, we drove the 2 hr and 15 min drive to my sister-in-law's house for our feast. We are thankful to be able to be together, and to enjoy traditional recipes and a few new ones. The pecan buttermilk pie we made turned out pretty good actually.

I haven't had the time to work on my list of 100 things that I'm thankful for this year..but I'll work on that this weekend and post it here soon.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a good December. Visit the stable this Christmas, see the Christ come again to our world...and be in wonderment once again.


Pastor Kris

Friday, October 03, 2008

Rebekah Widmer on Maranatha Mission Stories

You can see the interview that my daughter, Rebekah Widmer had with Dick Duerksen at or follow the link below.

Maranatha Video of Rebekah Widmer

Or you can order Episode 65...and have the whole thing!

It is exciting to see the final verse( "Go Ye...") used in the interview on the installed stained glass window in the new church at Antioch California. That will by our new home and new parish starting in 2009.


Pastor O. Kris Widmer

Angels Watchin' Over Me

This week my sermon text is Jacob and the time he wrestled with a man/angel/divine being.

Jacob saw angels on at least three occasions.

Genesis 28:12
He saw the ladder to heaven with angels going up and down. What a comfort to him and to us too to know that any place on earth, God can lower a ladder, and the angels have access to help and comfort. We are never alone in this world. If you think God has abandoned you, open your eyes of faith to see a convenient door to glory and the angels that are coming and going in their duties for YOU.

Click on the Picture to see it BIGGER.

Genesis 32:1
He saw angels of God accompanying him on the journey back to confront Esau. Ellen G. White in Patriarch and Prophets says that these angels were in two groups and were his protection. When he was trembling in fear over what Esau might do to him, God allowed him to see the heavenly guard that God has sent along. Don't worry or fret - God's angels are on duty for YOU too.

Click on the Picture to see it BIGGER.

Genesis 32:24
He wrestled with the Man (Jesus?) all night. And the Bible says that by morning, It's a powerful thought to think that Almighty Christ contoled his supper natural strength, and allowed Jacob to have the upper hand. vs 25 "When He (the Man)saw that He did not prevail against him (Jacob, He (the Man) touched the socket of his hip..." Picture the pre-incarnate Christ in a head lock saying "Uncle." Wow! "Let me go!" he said. "I won't let you go...unless you bless me!" What a statement! The lesson for us is to hang in there with God...and demand the blessing he has for us too.

Thanks God for Angels.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Ointment Appointment

A dear friend of mine and also a mentor preacher, John McVay recently presented a message at Loma Linda University Church called "The Alabaster Disaster."   It is a story written originally by another friend, Dr. Roger Bothwell.   It makes memorable the moment where a woman went shopping for an extravagant gift for Jesus.

I am working on a poem that tells this story in meter and rhyme, but it has been in process for about 3 years...and isn't done yet.

Since the poem is still percolateing, I give to you the wonderful introduction to "The Alabaster Disaster." It was used today as the opening for a communion message. Enjoy. Pastor Kris Widmer

* * *

She moves carefully,
almost suspiciously, through the growing light of dawn chasing early morning shadows as they flee narrow streets. She has walked streets before...but not in this part of town. She had been a lady of the she is a woman of the day. Formerly, she would have be in bed all night, but not wink of sleep. In her former life, she would be just ending her long night of work in these dawning hours...just about now... but she is no longer a hopeless whore. She has stepped out of the darkness...into the light.

Her steps seem, at once, determined and hesitant. We catch a glimpse of her face now and again through her long shawl and we see the face of an attractive, even a beautiful woman. Her face, though, is marked by more trauma than time, more yearning than years. The first rays of the morning sun strike the tops of the olive trees and cue the songbirds. They begin to sing and she becomes more serious in her search. She stops, reads a sign on one establishment. She moves down the street a bit and pauses at another.

Finally, she seems to find what she is looking for. She opens the door in a specific shop, she enters and she moves up to the counter. There on the counter is a large brightly polished brass bell with a thick leather handle. She reaches out for the handle and pauses and waits for a moment, thinking the shopkeeper might appear. He doesn’t, and so she does finally reach out and takes the big bell and rings it ever so gently.

And, out from the back of the shop bustles the shopkeeper, cheerful and rotund. In this part of the world, the first transaction of the day matters a great deal and he is hopeful that it will be as large as it is early. And so he bustles forth.
His ebullient joy gets a little sidetracked as he looks across the counter and sees a woman dressed in very plain peasant garb. But, he summons his courage and decides to make the best of it, steps up and says, “Ma’am, how are you this beautiful morning? It is delightful to have you in my shop, what can I do for you?”

“I’d like to buy some perfume.”

“Oh, well, Ma’am, if perfume is what you need, you have come to the right place.”

He reaches beneath the counter and he pulls out a small wooden box and places it on the counter for her and begins to describe its qualities.

“Ma’am, in this small wooden box there is the essence of crushed rose petals, harvested from the banks of the Jordan River. Mass produced for public consumption. It is a lovely scent. Please enjoy.”

She reaches forward, carefully takes the little box, removes the top, wafts the aroma toward her, enjoys it for a moment, sets it back down, puts the top back on the box and asks, “How much is it?”

“Oh, Ma’am, for you, today, because the sun is shining; because my mother-in-law has gone to Jericho, for you today, today, special price, five dollars.”

She holds his gaze and asks, “Do you have something a bit more expensive?”

Oh, he hadn’t expected this, looking at this woman, but he puts the small wooden box beneath the counter and this time he brings out a plain metal box. And he begins to describe it to the woman.

“Ma’am, this understated, but beautiful metal box contains an infusion of Springtime Daffodil and Iris imported all the way form Damascus, in Syria. It is a wondrous scent. Please enjoy.”

And she does so. She pulls the little box toward herself. She takes the top off, she wafts the aroma toward her and she luxuriates in it for a moment. She puts the top back on the box and moves it a little towards the shopkeeper and asks, “Sir, how much is it?”

“Ma’am, you understand that ours it the finest perfume shop in the land, and you understand that our merchandise is manufactured and imported at great expense. You did ask for something more expensive. Ma’am, for you, today, I will sell you this lovely box for 100 dollars.”

He reaches forward knowing what will happen next, knowing that he will take this metal box, put it back beneath the counter, and he will take out that small five dollar wooden box. It will look better to her now, and she will purchase that one. And so he reaches forward. He takes the box, that plain metal box and is putting it beneath the counter when she asks, “Sir, do you have something just a bit more expensive?”

Something begins to get worrisome at this point. He’s growing a little uneasy about this transaction, but he is being sucked into the vortex of this drama that is unfolding before his counter and so he reaches beneath his counter and pulls out a silver box, with a little clasp. Ever so carefully, he places it there and begins to describe it.

“Ma’am, you did ask for something more expensive and more expensive this is. This box comes to us from Arabia. It comes by camel caravan. Inside is an ancient formula, a mixture of balsam and cardamom. It is the gift, Ma’am, of a lord for his lady.”

She looks at the shopkeeper for permission. He nods. She reaches forward. She takes the beautifully tooled silver box with the little clasp. She opens the clasp and moves the top back, and wafts the wondrous ancient formula toward her, luxuriates in it for a moment, puts the top back, holds the shopkeepers gaze and asks, “Sir, how much is it?”

“Ma’am, for you today, 1000 dollars.”

She takes her fingers and stirs within the folds of her garment and the shopkeeper can hear coins clanking against one another. She removes her hand and holds his gaze and asks, “I have a bit more money than that, is it possible that you have something a bit more expensive?”

At this point, risk management issues come to mind, the keeper is concerned about security, and so he asks, “Ma’am are you sure you have money?”

“Yes, I have money.”

And so he bustles from behind the counter. He goes and opens the door, looks both ways down the street, and then he double locks the door, and he moves back around the counter. He notices that his palms are going clammy. “Ma’am, I have another treasure, it will take me a moment.”

So, he goes into the back of his shop and he brings out something in a wonderful piece of fine linen and sets it on the counter. He opens the linen, and there it is, a thing of true beauty, a beautiful gold vase. Pure symmetry and loveliness, gold. It has a wonderfully tooled stopper and this time he reaches forward and removes the stopper, wafts the aroma toward her and she enjoys it for a moment as he explains that it is imported from Rome, from the banks of the Tiber River. “It is the extract and the essence of saffron and cinnamon. It is the gift of a king for his queen.”

“How much is it?”

“For you today, Ma’am, Special Price as you open my shop for the day. 2,500 dollars.”

His blood pressure increases yet more dramatically when she asks, “Do you have something just a bit more expensive? I have to know, is this the best that your shop can offer?”

FIVE: “Well Ma’am, I do, but you must understand that this final treasure represents most of the wealth of our family. We have saved over years and years to possess this wondrous artifact. You are alone?”

“I am alone.”

“You do have money?”

“I have money.”

“It will take me a few moments,” and he disappears yet again.

When he reappears after some absence, he comes to the counter and he is carrying a beautiful piece of crushed velvet. He peels back the corners and there, standing like a starry galaxy against the black night sky, is a gorgeous alabaster jar of precious ointment.

With reverent tones he explains to the woman that this alabaster jar was imported from India. “In it is myrrh with a hint of marjoram It is the gift of an emperor for his empress. It is an extravagant gift. You cannot,” he says, “enjoy a sample of this scent. For you see, once it is used, the jar is broken. You cannot use part of this gift, you must use it all at once.”

“How much is this perfume?” she asks.

“Ma’am. There is nothing finer in the entire Mediterranean coastlands. I cannot let it let it leave my possession for anything less than 10,000 dollars.”

He is stunned, as she reaches into the folds of her garments. She collects the clinking coins hidden there. She proceeds to count them out on the counter and place them in stacks of ten. “I believe this should be enough. I’ll take it.”

The transaction is completed. He has made his first sale of the day. He has made the sale of his lifetime. She looks at him. He nods. She wraps up the treasure in the velvet and tucks it in the folds of her robe. She slips out into the streets of the city. No one, no one, would guess the treasure she holds.

She bides her time. She plans and schemes, her reconnaissance is accurate and true. She listens for reports on his itinerary and her moment finally comes - An appointment for her ointment.

Luke’s story is wonderful, and inspiring, a case study of one who gets it, one who understands the charms of Christ.

A story of Jesus....
It’s a different foot washing story.

It’s a story where his feet are not washed …at first…

But then…
It’s the story where Jesus’ feet are washed....

Toes and Tears and a Treasure.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Albion Weekend

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Albion, CA.

We meaning Debbie, Rebekah, Stephanie H, and myself.

We were invited there to speak for the weekend to the Annual Retreat of the Lakeport Church. This was my second trip to speak in this wonderful location.

I was specifically asked to present some of the Bible Alive, First Person Narrative sermons that I do. I presented Joseph (of Nazareth), The Soothsayer (Daniel 2), and the man from the pool of Bethesda.

In between presentations, we had the most wonderful food and most wonderful fellowship.

Sabbath afternoon found us at the beach, enjoying the clearing skys and the nearly wind-free afternoon. The sun came out and provided nice wading weather for humans and pelicans. There was a harbor seal enjoying fishing near the beach. It was a memorable afternoon.

Andrew - Wading Expert

After sundown vespers, we had a wonderful campfire sing, with me strumming on a borrowed guitar. The evening closed with table games in the cafeteria, playing a home made version of SEQUENCE with ROOK cards!

Sunday morning, we paddled up river in kayaks and canoes. There we saw 4 seals in the channel, and Cormorants soaring over head.

The weekend was awesome, and even more so with the remodel of the facilities. Volunteers and Visionaries from PUC have worked to upgrade the cabins. Each one has it's own shower and toilet now in the room. The rooms have new flowing, dry wall and paint. They are sooooo comfortable now...and clean. Kudos to the hard work. And thank you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where is Antioch, You Ask?

The Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church will be our new parish starting in January, and our new home when ever our house in Redding sells, and we can locate there. Hopefully certainly by June of 2009.

It is in Contra Costa County and is a city nestled along the Southern edge of the Sacramento River Delta. (See, I'm not moving far...I'm just moving down river!) It is next door to the cities of Pittsburg, Oakley and Brentwood. And has nice views of Mt. Diablo.

Here's a map, showing it in relation to Oakland and Walnut Creek (The Conference Office Area) [Click on the map to make it bigger]

Timothy is excited that it is 15 min from the BART station in Pittsburg, and will make transport to San Francisco and SFO airport very easy and convenient.

Like Abraham of old...we are a pilgrim people

Friday, September 12, 2008


This last week at our board meeting, it was announced that I have accepted reassignment with the Northern California Conference. There is a need to reduce 6 pastoral budgets in the current budget year, and there is also a need for change.

The conference executive committee has voted to suspend the normal process of church interviews, and as a result, churches and pastors are not being given as much freedom of choice in their selections as has been the case in the recent 20 years or so.

Don't worry, we are not alone. There are about 30-40 of my pastoral compatriots also planning a relocation move.

Don’t worry, we are not upset. We see the hand of God in all this and are content with knowing God has our best interests at heart. We were praying about a move in location after our daughter graduates from High School in June 2009 anyway, so for God to move us 4 months early, I think that’s a pretty providential answer to our prayers. We’d been praying that God would move us at a time when it would have the most positive and least negative impact on our children, and God has certainly heard those prayers too.

Are there many people in Redding we will miss? Absolutely. One can’t be in a community for 9 years and not forge lasting, deep and meaningful friendships. We will miss you.

Now for the details. We are moving to Antioch, California and Pastor Ron and Marylin Cook are leaving from Antioch to Redding. It is a direct pastoral switch. Ron loves Pastoral Ministry and Adventist Christian Education and will be a good fit for the Redding Church. Our family wishes him all the best as he locates here. We will benefit from all his leadership at Antioch, not the least of which is a new school and a nearly completed church sanctuary campus. The transition will take place in January 2009.

That’s all for now. Please keep us in your prayers as we, like Abraham of old, depart for a location we know very little about. Remember we are all pilgrims, and heaven is our ultimate home. Please pray for our house to sell in a timely manner and at a fair price, and that God will iron out all the nagging details of not only our move, but the moves of my brother pastors in this part of God’s earth.

Love Forever,

Pastor O. Kris Widmer

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Prayer Need

I ask you to keep the family of Mark and Kay Juarez in your prayers. Just a couple of weeks ago, Marks niece committed suicide. Just as the family was dealing with this sadness, another tragidy has occured.

Just yesterday, Aug 6, a shooting took place at the home of Kay's son's girlfriend Shasta. The ex-boyfriend of her mother came to the home shot Philip and Shasta, then threw a flamable liquid on the mom (Patty) and set her on fire. He also shot and killed Patty's best friend, who happened to be up for a visit from the Bay Area. He then turned the gun on himself, inflicting a fatal wound.

Philip and Shasta are in the hospital, recovering from the wounds made by the .357 gun, and Patty is at the UC Davis Burn Unit in Sacramento.

Please keep this family in your prayers.

Pastor Kris

For what it's worth I'll insert the text that was in today's paper.

2 slain at apartment
Three other victims listed in critical condition
Two people are dead and three others were in critical condition Wednesday after a shooting inside a Hartnell Avenue apartment.
Redding police Capt. Peter Hansen said officers responded to the Creekside Village apartments about 7 a.m. after receiving several 911 calls from victims inside and from their neighbors.
When officers arrived, they heard screams and shots fired, Hansen said.
"I heard five of them (gunshots), then a sixth later on," said Harry Steen, a 64-year-old resident who lives two doors down from the apartment.
Patricia Haggard, whose face and upper body were blackened by burns, came out of the apartment shortly thereafter.
Hansen said Haggard was burned when she was doused by some sort of flammable liquid and set on fire.
Haggard was taken to the University of California at Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Hansen said. She was listed Wednesday in critical condition.
Neighbors said the trauma the 56-year-old woman underwent extended well beyond her burns.
"She looked like a zombie," said Nancy Bennett, who lives four apartments away.
Officers rushed in before the SWAT team could arrive, and found a dead man and a dead woman inside.
Another man and woman, later identified as Phillip Lampella, 28, and Shasta Maw, 27, both of Redding, were inside with gunshot wounds, Hansen said.
Maw is Haggard's daughter. Lampella is Maw’s boyfriend, Hansen said.
Both were in critical condition Wednesday afternoon at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.
Maw suffered a gunshot wound to her lower torso. Lampella had a gunshot wound to his shoulder.
The identities of the two fatally shot victims were not immediately released. Hansen said the identities likely would be available today.
The weapon used in the shooting, a .357 magnum revolver, was found inside the apartment, Hansen said.
“We’re about 99 percent certain the suspect is one of the deceased,” Hansen said. “It appears he confronted several subjects in the apartment and then shot himself.”
Hansen said a chain of events in the shooting likely would be released today. Since the surviving victims were in intensive care, it’s been difficult at best to gather any information from them about what happened Wednesday morning, leaving the burden solely on police crime scene investigators.
It appears that some sort of domestic dispute led to the shooting, Hansen said.
Haggard in June filed for a temporary restraining order against a man named Kenneth Gary Alfred, alleging domestic violence, electronic Shasta County Superior Court records show.
A non-jury trial had been scheduled for Tuesday, records show.
A message left at Alfred’s Palo Cedro area home wasn’t returned Wednesday evening.
Bennett and others at the complex said Haggard was the primary tenant, but her daughter and her boyfriend had been staying at the apartment with her in recent days.
As Haggard receives treatment for her burns, her two dogs, one of them a dachshund named Pippen, are in the care of neighbors.
“That’s her life — her puppies,” Bennett said.
Clearly terrified, with its tail between its legs, the dachshund scampered out of the apartment through a door left open by crime scene investigators.
Bennett and other neighbors were allowed behind the police tape to coax the dog out from under a Redding police crime scene van.
The dog, shaking in the arms of neighbor Christie Katt, was carried to her apartment to be reunited with the other dog.
About a half-dozen police cars were parked in front of the apartment complex. Yellow crime scene tape blocking the entrance was pulled down about 9:30 a.m.
The commotion drew area residents like John Stein, 47, out for a look. He and a group of neighbors watched from across Hartnell Avenue.
The irony, he said, was the night before, neighbors met for National Night Out, an event designed to promote community involvement to lower crime rates in neighborhoods.
“It’s pretty crazy,” he said.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pray for David A

David came by the church this afternoon. He was walking, and had quite a story to tell. I simply listened. He said his wife and her sister had been killed by a drunk driver in January, and he was having a hard time of it.

He made a good choice in refusing to be sexually seduceed by one of his wifes friends living in Red Bluff, but now he was stuck here. I told him he'd done the right thing, and our church would be willing to help him get back to Michigan, where his daughters were and where he has a small business. Bus fare is $230, but that's why we have community services help people in need.

He said he didn't want charity...and that listening was enough. I gave him a little of the food that was in the frig down stairs, and a couple large glasses of ice water.

We had prayer and then I gave him $20 and took him to the bus station. He said he'd be O.K.

I don't know if he was scamming me, and that really doesn't matter if he was.

Pray for his journey...and for him to make it home...where ever that may be.

Welcome Kiana Ruth Waltman

She's Here.

Keith and Jenni Waltman (And big brother Joshua) have been expecting an addition to their family for the past 9 months. She arrived on August 1, 2008 at 1:37 in the morning. 8 pds, 6 oz, 21 inches. Mom and baby are due to go home on Sabbath afternoon.

Welcome Little One!
You are already loved by a large community of friends and family!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Local Fires

For the last 3 weeks, the residents of Northern California have been breathing unhealthy air from the many brush fires that are burning in our drought stricken land. The day the "Motion" fire near Shasta Dam flared up, I went out with my camera to catch a few pictures.

Many afternoons the sun has hung in the sky as a large red dot, and the half moon has also appeared red. The temperatures last week were also unbearably hot. 115 F.

The firefighters of our state and nation that have answered the call have been in our thoughts and prayers as they work in these difficult conditions. Also many of our church friends that have had to evacuate their homes that are in the path of flames.

It reminds one when the world will burn up at the end of the thousand years.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

VBS...Romania Style

The mission trip to Romania is in full swing. There are medical supplies being delivered, homes being improved and VBS meetings being conducted. In short...people being loved in Jesus name.

Who knows what will the be the eternal results of just 2 weeks of service. We know nothing we do will return to us it will be exciting to learn in heaven what was accomplished!

May God bless the remainder of this exciting trip. We can't wait to hear the details.

Pray for Jerry

I got a call last night from Jeanie Sindorf. She said her son, Jerry, accidentally severed most of the 4 fingers on his right hand on a job site on Wed, July 9. His work associate got him to the hospital in Weaverville, then by ambulance on to Redding, and then a flight to Stanford in the Bay Area.

Reattachment of his fingers was attempted by a hand specialist. He should have been surgery most of the night.

Pray that they were able to save his fingers and the usefulness of them. Pass the word along also

Romania Report

Several of our church members are in Romania this week, sharing Jesus love by endeavoring to fix up some homes of the very poorest in the village. There is much prejudice against Seventh-day Adventists there, but practical love, expressed in building or improving a home can go along way.

And by the looks of the smiles on the's working.

They all return on July 17. Please pray for their mission to be effective, and a safe return for all.

Stephanie and the children.

Pastor Kris

Monday, June 30, 2008

Pastoral Changes

There are many changes taking place in the Northern California Conference this summer. There are about 10 teacher and 8 pastoral positions being eliminated through retirement, attrition, redistricting and reassignments.

One change announced at the June board meeting was the transfer of the Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship from the administration of Pastor Kris Widmer, to the administration of Pastor Jim Crabtree.

Pastor Jim and Judy Crabtree have been in the North State for over 10 years, and come with a wealth of friendly ministry for Jesus. They will be a wonderful asset to the ministry of the church. They are no strangers to the Redding community, as Judy works in town during the week.

Pastor Crabtree will now be responsible for a two church district, combining his attention with the Mt. Shasta church and the Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship.

Pastor Widmer's last official sabbath at the Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship will be July 12.

In the News: Prayer about Lower Gas

In line with the council to pray without ceasing and to pray about all things...we pass along this item.

Prayer at the pumps

prayer at the pumps

TOLEDO -- Turning to a higher power - to lower gas prices.

Members of the Toledo First Seventh-Day Adventist Church are holding a prayer at the pump vigil, asking God to solve the high gas price problem.

"Bush can't solve it. McCain and Obama can't solve it. We're going to have to turn to God," said Rocky Twyman, the vigil's organizer. "...Because we believe prayer is the answer to any problem in life. I believe this is the way God is telling us to stop depending on ourselves and trust in him," Twyman added.

"We as Christians are at least trying to do something. We're trying to be faithful to what God's calling us to do. We're not just dismissing it saying, well, that's irrelevant," said Mike Fortune.

People gassing up around the worshippers say it couldn't hurt. "I'm praying right along with them. Because I miss my dollar gas," said Angela Rollison.

The church members are not making any predictions, though, about how much they expect gas to go down. But they do have faith that their prayers will be answered.

The church is also planning a 12-hour prayer vigil, starting Friday at 7 p.m. at the Toledo First Seventh-Day Adventist Church on West Sylvania Ave.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Life Sketch for Nadine Seltzer

Remembering Nadine Seltzer
She was Tanya Enriquez' mother.

Nadine Joy Seltzer

May 8, 1929 - May 20, 2008

Nadine Seltzer was born on May 8, 1929 in Hinsdale, Illinois. She passed to her rest on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 in Redding, California. She was 79 years and 12 days old.

She is survived by her only child; daughter, Tanya Enriquez and her son-in-law Chris of Redding, California and by their three boys, her grandsons. Ryan, Alex and Jacob Enriquez.

Nadine is survived by three brothers: Sheldon Seltzer and his wife Annie May of Buchanan, Michigan; Bruce Seltzer and his wife Shayne of Roseville, California and Randy Seltzer and his wife Sarah of La Canada, California. Her sister, Nancy Bylard passed away a year ago, in February of 2007.

She also is survived by two aged uncles, the brothers of her father. Forrest Seltzer who lives in Southern California and Charles (Chick) Seltzer and his wife Mabel of Paradise, California. Nadine also leaves behind many nieces, nephews and cousins in her large extended family.

Nadine was eldest of six children born to her parents, Harold and Paula Seltzer. She was a paternal twin, but her baby brother died just one day after birth. They were both very, very small; having been born premature. Paula, Nadine’s mother, looked forward to the day when God’s angel would place that little boy back in her arms.

Nadine had a difficult childhood. For a while they found a place to live above someone’s garage in La Grange, Illinois. They got to live there for “free”, but her father did work in exchange for the rent. The family relocated to Southern California, in 1936, during the height of the Great Depression.

When she was just a small girl, her family joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Somehow they scraped up the money to put their children in church school. Nadine was in an eleven member class at Glendale Adventist Academy, with her brother Sheldon, and with H.M.S. Richards Jr. He was her class president! Nadine liked to follow the ministry of her friend through the years, in his work as Director and Speaker of the Voice of Prophecy.

She graduated High School in 1948, and then went on to Glendale College, where she earned a degree in Art.

Nadine had a variety of employments through the years – She worked at a soda fountain, and at a hospital as a nurses aid, she was a cartoonist partner with the artist that drew Sweetie Pie, a popular daily panel that appeared in national papers in the 1950’s and 60’s. Occasionally Nadine would ink the artwork, but mostly she wrote the quippy caption. Once when Nadine and her mother were out to eat, Paula insisted on pointing out the panel in that days paper to the waitress. “The woman who does this is my daughter….See!” Nadine never wanted attention for her labors, but her proud mom insisted she get some credit.

As the eldest in the family, when Nadine started work; she helped to provide needed money to the family household. Her father was a house painter, and in the Depression it was either feast or famine…mostly famine. She would use her income to pay bills and buy food and other needed items. So in 1965, when Nadine was 36 and pregnant with her only child, it was natural for her to find a home base with her parents once again.

Nadine became a mom to Tanya. Oh, how she loved her daughter. And So Did Grandma and Grandpa. They were a household. Tanya says that her Grandpa spoiled her (Don’t all Grandpa’s!) and her Grandma took daily care of her from the age of 6 months, because Nadine needed to work.

Nadine worked for the City of Los Angeles for about 10 years, as a typist in the court house during those years, and she lived in La Crescenta. Tanya says she enjoyed a great childhood; with not only her mother’s love, but the loving care of both sets of grandparents in her life. There was lots of family togetherness. Their house was the place everyone came for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Grandma Seltzer was the cook and Nadine put the special touches on the home, making sure it was decorated. Nadine didn’t go to church much, but when Tanya and Harold and Paula came home from the Sabbath service, Nadine made sure that the lunch table was beautiful and delicious.

In 1976, Nadine and Tanya moved to Paradise. No other family, as yet, lived in the area and Grandma and Grandpa wanted to live in the “country.” Tanya was in elementary school, and Nadine made sure her daughter received a Christian education, through 12th grade.

When Tanya was in 9th grade, Nadine was in a very serious accident. She just didn’t show up when she was supposed to. She had wrapped her little V.W. around a tree and was sure the car was about to blow up, like in the movies. With a compound fracture of her left arm and a broken pelvis and left ankle, she somehow managed to crawl out of the wreckage, and was laying off the road, in the dark, not visible to any passing car. But God knew she was there. He arranged for a man to be looking for his dog in the driving rain. Tanya says “I don’t know who he was. He could have been an angel, for all I know. I don’t know if he found his dog…but he found my mom.” Nadine had a long, slow recovery, but recover she did! She was blessed with 30 more years of life! Today we praise God for this miracle.

When the Paradise Adventist Church had a series of meetings, Nadine attended them and came in contact with God’s forgiving grace. She started attending church regularly at the Upper Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church. She sought to be faithful to God in her stewardship, so she started returning tithe, and even kept a record in a notepad of the little bit extra tithe she would put in, to catch up for all the years she wasn’t able to give to the Lord.

Nadine was quiet and shy, but she was active in the church. Prior to her illness, she would come home from church and make notes, or read some of the passages from the Bible or Ellen White that had been mentioned during the pastor’s sermon. She had a deepening and growing faith.

When her parents were in their decline of life, Nadine took care of her parents. What a blessing she was to her parents and to her siblings. They all knew that Mom and Dad were getting the best of care, at home, from Nadine. It was her father’s wish that he never go to a nursing home, and Nadine’s loving care made sure he never did. After Harold passed, Nadine worked for others as a caregiver in the Paradise community.

Nadine loved to be a grandma. When Tanya was living in Santa Rosa, Nadine would drive the 4 hours down for a visit. Nadine was in the hospital for the births of all three of her grandsons and cherished them immensely.

About 10 years ago, Nadine herself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She managed it pretty well at first, and was able to live independently for a long time. She would run errands for the neighbors and functioned very well in the community. When Tanya moved to Redding, it became evident that Nadine needed greater care, and couldn’t live on her own. The natural thing to do at the time was for Nadine to move in with Tanya and her family. But that only lasted for a while, as Nadine needed around the clock care. She moved to a wonderful care home, where vegetarian meals were provided for her and birthdays were celebrated. She had her own room, and could sleep late. It was a perfect situation for everyone!

On top of Parkinson’s and its accompanying dementia, A couple of years ago Nadine was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw on a routine dental visit. She had a difficult operation and recovered from this as well. It definitely was the right treatment, and the doctor was amazed at her good recovery.

On May 8, Nadine celebrated her 79th birthday with Tanya at the convalescent center. In the next two weeks, Nadine gradually slipped away. The day of her death, she was anointed with oil by her pastor for God’s peace and grace to fill her soul. As Nadine had been beside her daughter in life, so now, Tanya was beside her mother at death. Her calling and election with God is sure, and we place her in God’s mighty arms.

Nadine has entered the temporary sleep of death. Soon, Jesus will come and call her forth to everlasting life in heaven and on the earth made new. It is the reality of the truth of the resurrection of the dead that gives hope and comfort to us today.

Our lives have been enriched because we have loved and have been loved by her. She has been a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandma, Aunt, and Friend! She enriched the lives of so many people and she will be truly missed. We place our hope in the resurrection and the reunion that awaits us all in heaven. May God bless us with His comfort and His peace this hour.

Lovingly prepared by Tanya Enriquez, along with Pastor O. Kris Widmer

New Blog

Visit a new blog about our Mozambique Adventure

O. Kris Widmer

Board Meeting Note

It was announced at simultanious board meetings at Redding, Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta that the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has redistricted the pastoral assignments of the pastors of these churches.

Mt. Shasta Church (69 Members) and Shasta Lake Company (31 members)will share the pastoral services of one pastor and the Redding Church (420 members) will resume being a one church district.

This transition will happen sometime this summer.

It has been my joy to serve the Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship company, and to witness first hand the birth of a new church fellowship. I will be praying for the continued success of the ministry of this group of dedicated members who seek to reach out in Jesus name.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Need Prayers

I need prayers for the delivery of our passports for our missiontrip.
The Mozambique Embassy has had them for 30 days. They promised a 10 day turn around...then delayed that.

3 more mail delivery days...and we will miss our flight to Africa.

Sadness and panic are setting in. We are trying to be joyful in God...and trusting Him in all things.

Pray for us.

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