Monday, September 22, 2008

Albion Weekend

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Albion, CA.

We meaning Debbie, Rebekah, Stephanie H, and myself.

We were invited there to speak for the weekend to the Annual Retreat of the Lakeport Church. This was my second trip to speak in this wonderful location.

I was specifically asked to present some of the Bible Alive, First Person Narrative sermons that I do. I presented Joseph (of Nazareth), The Soothsayer (Daniel 2), and the man from the pool of Bethesda.

In between presentations, we had the most wonderful food and most wonderful fellowship.

Sabbath afternoon found us at the beach, enjoying the clearing skys and the nearly wind-free afternoon. The sun came out and provided nice wading weather for humans and pelicans. There was a harbor seal enjoying fishing near the beach. It was a memorable afternoon.

Andrew - Wading Expert

After sundown vespers, we had a wonderful campfire sing, with me strumming on a borrowed guitar. The evening closed with table games in the cafeteria, playing a home made version of SEQUENCE with ROOK cards!

Sunday morning, we paddled up river in kayaks and canoes. There we saw 4 seals in the channel, and Cormorants soaring over head.

The weekend was awesome, and even more so with the remodel of the facilities. Volunteers and Visionaries from PUC have worked to upgrade the cabins. Each one has it's own shower and toilet now in the room. The rooms have new flowing, dry wall and paint. They are sooooo comfortable now...and clean. Kudos to the hard work. And thank you.

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