Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving List

Here is our annual list of 100+ things we're thankful to God for.

Try doing your own.
List specific things that you are glad God has blessed you with.

Thanksgiving List
1. God
2. Salvation in Jesus
3. The Cross
4. The Hope of the Resurrection
5. A Home in Heaven
6. Grace
7. The G Chord
8. The Bible
9. Drip Watering Systems
10. USB Thumb Drives
11. Poetry
12. Paper
13. Creative Thought
14. Talking it out
15. Flashlights
16. Pets
17. Carpet Cleaning Services
18. Latex Paint
19. Water Based Primer
20. Paintable Caulk
21. Drop Cloths
22. Realtors
23. Generous People
24. Air Travel
25. David and Susan Woods
26. Maranatha Volunteers International and “Mission Stories”
27. Safe Travel
28. Smiles
29. Laughter
30. Leaf Rakes
31. Knife Sharpeners
32. Mixing Bowls
33. New Recipes
34. Calculators
35. Cell Phones
36. Sleeping Bags
37. Doctors
38. Secrets
39. Having a Job
40. America
41. Clocks
42. Photocopiers
43. Singing
44. Baseboard Molding
45. Hardware Stores
46. Homegrown Anything
47. Sharing
48. Sleeping In
49. Winning Raffle Tickets
50. Successful and Safe Mission Trips
51. Ron and Anu Kedras
52. Medicine
53. The Removal of Slivers
54. MP3 Audio Technology
55. Digital Cameras
56. Rubber Gloves
57. Telephones
58. Rentable Storage Space
59. Curbside Trash Collection
60. PVC Pipe
61. Anointing Oil
62. Prayer
63. Creative Thought
64. Thank You Notes
65. Police
66. Firefighters
67. Paramedics
68. The Desire to Give
69. Book Ends
70. Strike Anywhere Matches
71. Slippers
72. Pumpkin Butter
73. Interstate Highway System
74. Rain
75. Blogs
76. Bible Studies
77. Putts that go in
78. Drives that are straight
79. The Story of the Prodigal Son
80. Apple Boxes
81. Beach Combing
82. The incredible edible egg
83. Sunflower Seeds
84. The Turkey Trot
85. Accomplishing Goals
86. Gas Cans
87. People who stop to help
88. Gloves
89. New Possibilities
90. Glue
91. Air Powered Tools
92. Door Mats
93. Marriage
94. Another Year
95. House Painters
96. All Ten Fingers
97. Library Privileges
98. Google Maps
99. Adhesive Bandages
100. Snow
101. Sheet Protectors
102. The ability to change
103. Losing 20 pounds
104. Basketball
105. Baked Potatoes
106. Food Traditions
107. Indian Food
108. Club Soda
109. Twinkle Lights
110. Wooden Spoons
111. Hot Herb Tea
112. Cornstarch
113. Yogurt
114. Text Messaging
115. Blue Tooth
116. Human Diversity and Differences
117. Polenta
118. Weather Stipping

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Indian Dinner for World Missions

On Sat. Night, November 15, we hosted an East Indian Dinner at Church as a fund raiser for the mission fund at our church. (Rebekah will use some of the funds for a mission trip next summer.) We had bread, curry, dahl, rice pudding, lassi drinks, rice. It was pretty good food, considering the cooks were a bunch of third generation immigrant Germans.

We are so blessed to be part of a generous church. The meal was a social and financial success.

Thanks to all for coming and for your support of


Transition Talk

We are in the middle of our transition to new responsibilities at the Antioch Church. There have been complications along the way..with Debbie's job particularly. She was fired and then rehired at FULL TIME. In all our years of marriage, she has only worked full time for 2 years, while we were at the Seminary...and I was a full time student.

Our house went on the market on Friday, and we shall see when it sells.

We are in a difficult spot and the length of our transition is being a bit problematic. It will stretch on for another 6 months at least. It's very complicated and I have lots of mixed emotions about everything. Am I glad to be leaving? No. Am I glad to be arriving? yes. Do I like packing? No. Am I sad that my current house has dropped 100,000 dollars in the past year. Yes. Am I glad that I can buy a house much cheaper in our new community? Yes. Am I looking forward to the change? Yes. Am I sad to be leaving the friends I've enjoyed for the past 9 years? Yes. Am I looking forward to new friends in our new community? Yes.

So you see...lots of mixed emotions and anticipations mixed with sadness.

I've finally come to the opinion that God will be with me whereever I I'm glad that as we move to Antioch...God has already been there, will be there to bless our ministry in that church...and will work out the details along the way.

So...praise the Lord.
Jan 10 is now the final sermon day at Redding, and Jan 31 will be our welcome Sabbath at Antioch.

That's how it is in day on the calendar...when it finally arrives brings many changes.

Change on!

Kris Widmer

Happy Thanksgiving

In spite of the sorrow in my world the last couple of weeks, (The deaths at Pacific Union College and the deaths of my friends Bob Buller and Bruno Teichman), we still have much to thank the Lord for this holiday season. God is still God and the promises of the Word of God are still true.

I am currently typing this in Marysville at Thanksgiving with Debbie's Family. This morning started in Redding with Debbie and Rebekah doing the Turkey Trot run on the River Trail. There were many members of our school and church community in the race. In fact, the runners that placed 2nd and 3rd overall were recent alumni of Redding Adventist Academy.

After going home for a dip in the hot tub and shower and breakfast, we drove the 2 hr and 15 min drive to my sister-in-law's house for our feast. We are thankful to be able to be together, and to enjoy traditional recipes and a few new ones. The pecan buttermilk pie we made turned out pretty good actually.

I haven't had the time to work on my list of 100 things that I'm thankful for this year..but I'll work on that this weekend and post it here soon.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a good December. Visit the stable this Christmas, see the Christ come again to our world...and be in wonderment once again.


Pastor Kris

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