Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poem - Right Eye

Right Eye
O. Kris Widmer

Three Word Wednesday:  Required:     Pluck, Rebel, Shady

My sister trims our mother’s eyebrows, plucking the longest hairs -
Then ushers her into the last shower she
will have in a week.  We must keep

soaping agents out of her eye,
We browse magazines while our friendly friend
(an Ophthalmologist) coaxes out the hazy lens out of her Right eye

The surgery is successful and we take her home.
Come nightfall, we put on the provided eye-patch
and tuck the octogenarian pirate rebel into her covers.

Tomorrow, she will spend another day
within the shady shadows of her oversized goggles
to emerge with 20/30 vision, and await a repeat performance

in her left eye.

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