Sunday, January 11, 2009

Your Friendly Announcer

Over the past few basketball seasons at our school, I've started announcing the starting lineups...and now doing a little play by play during the game. I play a little music here and there...and try to make it an event.

I've had a microphone in my hand ever since I held a stick and a rope as a toy microphone when I was a child. I've always been "the announcer" in high school and college and beyond.

I guess it was fate and God's call that would put before a microphone each week in the pulpit...announcing for God.

Thanks Lumberjacks...for letting me support the team in this way.

"For your dining pleasure...go get some pizza in the entry way..."


Yesterday was quote a we said good bye to the Redding Church Family.

We were in the foyer for 40 minutes after church, so when we got downstairs..there was no food left for us to eat. We visited for a while...then went home for hotdogs. I then made a brief hospital visit on a member of the Hayfork church, and went home to decrompress for a while.

Six o'clock came quickly, and there were 150 or so members in Smith Hall. It was packed and stuffy, but lots of fun. I hadn't hugged so many people since my wedding! I didn't eat much there either. Something about my stomach doing flip flops.

It's a hard thing to say good bye. I had told the congregation I wouldn't say good bye...just see you later.

There were lots of tears through out the day...and I haven't fully analyzed the source of them...other than they come from having loved and been loved.

I'm very lucky to be so fortunate to be part of a church family.

Thank you Redding for 9 wonderful years. Thank you to the other churches in the area that have also supported us in ministry to the school, church and community. We are better people for having sojourned with you.


Pastor Kris Widmer

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