Friday, May 04, 2012

Adventist Blues by Brad MacIntyre

Years ago I asked for and received a copy of this wonderful poem/lyric from a speaker at my High School.  It powerfully reminds the religious people in my church heritage that Jesus is at the center of everything.   I tried to find the complete version on the internet somewhere...but couldn't.  So I thought I'd post it here on my blog for the world to see.  In the quest to live for Jesus...don't forget to live like Jesus.

Adventist Blues
by Brad MacIntyre

This poem/lyric was read at a school chapel at La Sierra Academy.  Its authorship date is prior to 1979.

Now I don't drink and I don't swear
I don't take dope or have long hair,
I go to church each week. Oh yes, I do.
I never eat before going to bed,
I'll drink a glass of juice instead,
And jog each day at least a mile or two.

Now all my life I've been pretty good,
I've always done just what I should,
My parents were missionaries over seas.
I got all "A's" in Bible class
And studied hard so I could pass,
And even bought my books from the ABC's
    (The Adventist Book Center)

I know my memory verse each week,
And when called upon can always speak;
I'm never at a loss for words you see.
Cause I've been educated at Andrews U
And Loma Linda and Oakwood too
I've even done my time at C.U.C.

Now I've been taught to keep the law.
You don't goof up or have a flaw
Lest we embarrass dear old Mom and Dad.
No, you don't wear jeans, you don't wear slacks.
You can't eat this, you can't eat that--
Rules, Rules, Rules are all I ever had.

I never listen to Rock and Roll.
or watch T.V. or even bowl,
And I'm a vegetarian all the way.
And of course I pay a faithful tithe
And give my offerings on the side
When when they have a potluck at church -
        I always stay
(Yum Yum! - love that cottage cheese loaf!)

And when each November rolls around
I grab my can and hit the town
for the Church's World-wide Services Appeal
And of course you know I never fail
To buy my food from Collegedale
If you buy it by the case, you get quite a deal.
     (Especially during Camp Meeting.)

I'll never drink a Coca Cola;
On Thursdays I make my own granola,
I give my clothes to Dorcas when they get to tight.
At Wednesday night meeting, I'm always there
And remember my neighbor in a special prayer
And last Summer I bought all the books by Sister White!
    (of course, they're still in their wrappers,
     but they're there.)

I study my lesson every day,
And when I find the time, I try to pray.
But, I don't want to get fanatical, you know?
In fact, I've just become a Master Guide.
And I know all the words to "Side by Side"--
I mean - How much higher can a mere mortal go?!
    (Side by side we stand....)

And when I get confused about what to do,
I pick up the Old Advent Review
And get all the answers in plain old black and white.
'Cause I'm a busy man, and it's absurd.
To spend hours and hours reading the Word,
And I trust our publications to be right.

Yes, I've found the church where I belong -
Why! I don't think I've done anything wrong
For at least two years, or maybe it's been three.
I know I'm walking in the light.
Sometimes I'm bored, but that's all right.
Because there's a crown in heaven just for me.
    (At least that's what they told me in Cradle Roll.)

But recently I've head some talk.
They say I need a closer walk
With Jesus.  If I'll only let Him in.
Well, I'm all for that -- I'll give it a try,
Although I often wonder "Why?"
And ask myself -- "Just where does He fit in?"

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