Tuesday, February 03, 2009


It struck me the other day, as our family transitions to Antioch, California...that I've lived near mountains all my ministry. Such is the beauty and ruggedness of Northern California.

Ukiah - Cow Mountain
Hayfork - Hayfork-Balley
Lakeport - Mt. Knocti
Deer Park - Mt. St. Helena
Redding - Mt Lassen and Mt. Shasta
Antioch - Mt. Diablo

And we're all on our way to Mt. Zion.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Welcome to Antioch

Wow...what a weekend!

It was both stressful and exciting. Who isn't stressed going to a new school or a new job for the first day. Well on this day, our family said "Hello" to our new church family, the Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We got to our hotel Friday evening, to find flowers and the bulletin and newsletter. (Thank you, Preston and Rose).

The next morning found us arriving early for Sabbath School and Church. The music was awesome, led by a praise band, United in Christ. What a ministry in the church! The worship service continued, with a litany of "Pastoral Installation" led by Elder Mark Woodson, the executive secretary for the Northern California Conference. He introduced our family...yes all 4 of us...Tim came down from PUC for the day (Thanks, Tim) and then there were welcome comments from key church leaders.

The sermon was about Trusting God in the Transitions, lessons from the attitude of Joseph to his brothers...one of forgiveness and grace, and recognizing that God was behind and in all the events of his life. God blessed in the message, and after church we all sat down to a fantastic planned meal. YUMMY!

Then Preston Fletcher, the head elder and I went out to make a hospital visit. One of our elders wives is in ICU...Please pray for Mary. Then he dropped me off at the hotel, where I got to spend a few minutes with Tim, before he left to return to PUC.

Later...about 4:30 we stopped by for another home visit. My long time friend and brother in ministry had had an operation, and we popped in for a visit and prayer.

Then it was on to Vespers at church, where United in Christ led in more singing, then I read my "Cats" poem and sang the song based on Daniel 2 that my Bible teacher, Bill Millard, wrote when I was in High School.

After vespers, there was a "get acquainted game" where I was asked by the members whay my favorite hobby was. I gave three different answers, (Poetry, Golf and ???) and someone finally won a prize for filling out all their blanks. I didn't have a chance...as I was too busy signing other people's forms...and not getting my own signed.

Then there was a 20 min board meeting that I attended, where we discussed a use agreement with a church group called "The Gathering." They want to share the use of our facility, and we hashed out a few details.

Then it was a supper put on by the home and school - Haystacks. Then there was gym night, and Rebekah and I played Basketball.

We crashed into bed at 10:30. What a day. Stressful? Yes. Fun? Yes. A Blessing? Yes.

Thank you, Antioch Family for the wonderful welcome day.

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