Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poem - Bombs Away

Bombs Away
O. Kris Widmer

While reading “A Crow Doesn’t Need a Shadow – A Guide to Writing Poetry from Nature”
by Lorraine Ferra

The neighbor’s Magnolia tree
flies sorties in our air space,
strafing our roof,
heaving hard pods
as hand grenades:
pins pulled; delayed fuses;
until my innocent steps should
detonate them.  BOOM!

There go my ankles!

Where is my rake?

Poem - Angel Prayer

Angel Prayer   O. Kris Widmer

Oh God, I believe this promise…
“He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” [1]
But which angels?

Sure, deliver us from the strong, evil angels.  Absolutely.
But also deliver us from all heavenly weaklings.
Remove all namby-pamby wisps,
those incapable of fantastic feats.

I want the angels
that have been working out!
I want no cloud-shrouded diapered infants,
aiming mini bow and arrows.
I want none with folded hands
drifting in somber solitude;
harping on strings,
puckered lips on trumpes,
those ready to…read some scroll.

Please, deliver me from candle carriers!

I want the angels that excel in strength.[2]
I want the angels with black belts.
The ones that won medals in heavenly fencing.
(Bronze is fine with me!)
I want the healed veterans of that heavenly war,
the ones with purple hearts and itchy trigger fingers.
I want the ones promoted based on the number
of knicks on their scabbards and kills to their credit.

Send me these - the sacred snipers.
I want the angels that are armed and dangerous.
Sure…they can also be glorious in radiant robes.
But they must also have just a bit of…attitude.
“Alright!  That’s It.  I’ve had enough!  I’m coming down there.
Divine directive from a distress call!
You’ve been harassing my human long enough.
I’m not going to take any more!”

Yes.   Send the angels.  Send MORE angels!    …but send the strongest ones You’ve got!   - Amen

[1] Psalm 91:11
[2] Psalm 103:20 KJV

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