Thursday, July 10, 2008

VBS...Romania Style

The mission trip to Romania is in full swing. There are medical supplies being delivered, homes being improved and VBS meetings being conducted. In short...people being loved in Jesus name.

Who knows what will the be the eternal results of just 2 weeks of service. We know nothing we do will return to us it will be exciting to learn in heaven what was accomplished!

May God bless the remainder of this exciting trip. We can't wait to hear the details.

Pray for Jerry

I got a call last night from Jeanie Sindorf. She said her son, Jerry, accidentally severed most of the 4 fingers on his right hand on a job site on Wed, July 9. His work associate got him to the hospital in Weaverville, then by ambulance on to Redding, and then a flight to Stanford in the Bay Area.

Reattachment of his fingers was attempted by a hand specialist. He should have been surgery most of the night.

Pray that they were able to save his fingers and the usefulness of them. Pass the word along also

Romania Report

Several of our church members are in Romania this week, sharing Jesus love by endeavoring to fix up some homes of the very poorest in the village. There is much prejudice against Seventh-day Adventists there, but practical love, expressed in building or improving a home can go along way.

And by the looks of the smiles on the's working.

They all return on July 17. Please pray for their mission to be effective, and a safe return for all.

Stephanie and the children.

Pastor Kris

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