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Bible Alive: Titles and Characters

First Person Dramatic Narrative Preaching
“Bible Alive”
Titles and Characters
Written and Preached by Pastor O. Kris and Debbie Widmer
1979 to the Present

A Current Inventory of Messages
Titles for messages used in more than one series
are listed and numbered only once.

Updated on December 8, 2015

Evangelism Series: Originally Produced 1993
1.    The Missing Person: Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
a.    Doctrine: Enoch (Eternal Life)
2.    The Man Who Wouldn’t Die: It’s Not Like They Didn’t Try
a.    Doctrine: John the Revelator (Second Coming)
3.    The Lord’s Messenger: Dream a Little Dream With Me
a.    Doctrine: Gabriel (Great Controversy)
4.    Sour Grapes:  It Wasn’t the Apple on the Tree, but the Pair on the Ground
a.    Doctrine:  Adam and Eve (Plan of Salvation)  w/Debbie
5.    The Wale Watcher: An Insider Account
a.    Doctrine:  Jonah (Prophets)
6.    The Jay Walker: This Time They Throw The Book At Him.
a.    Doctrine: Pool of Bethesda (Sabbath)
7.    A Meal Fit for a King: How Come You’re Not Eating?
a.    Doctrine: The Melzar (Daniel 1) (Health)
8.    The Housekeeper:  Hurry!  This Time It Is REALLY Dirty!
a.    Doctrine: Aaron (Sanctuary)
9.    The Imprisoned Preacher:  Will His Final Message Be Heard?
a.    Doctrine: Paul (Sanctification)
10.                  The Tales Dead Men Tell:   He’s Baa-aaack!
a.    Doctrine: Lazarus (State of the Dead)
11.                  The Fisherman:  The Tale of One That Didn’t Get Away.
a.    Doctrine: Peter (Stewardship)
12.                  The Rookie: Boy!  Is He Ever Wet Behind the Ears!
a.    Doctrine: Chariot Driver Acts 8 - (Baptism)

Daniel Series: Originally Produced 1998
Belteshazzar’s Butler:  Will That Be a Table for Four?
a.    Daniel 1: The Melzar (Duplicate Doctrine Series: Health)
b.    aka “A Meal Fit for A King:  How Come You’re Not Eating?”
1.    The Shaky Shaman: The Sooth Who Had No Say
a.    Daniel 2: A Soothsayer
2.    The Captain’s Calculations:  “3+0=4”
a.    Daniel 3: Captain of the Guard
3.    The Potentate’ Problem: “Pride..and Now the Pasture.”
a.    Daniel 4: The King’s Caretaker
4.    The Temperamental Trustee:  “Hands Off! Don’t Touch!”
a.    Daniel 5: Mithradath (Ezra 1:8)
5.    Bel-Marduk and His Brutes:  “When the King of Beasts Meets the King of Kings.”
a.    Daniel 6: Lion Keeper
6.    The Mediator’s Memo: From Mystery to the Messiah”
a.    Daniel 9: Daniel, in Prayer
7.    The Cosmic Connection:  “Star Light, Star Bright, Strange Star I See Tonight.”
a.    Daniel 9: Melchoir + The 70 Weeks + Balaam’s Prophecy

Holy Week: First Produced: 1994
1.    The King’s Herald: Mission Impossible?  Mission Complete!
a.    Holy Week:  John the Baptist
2.    The Exclaimer’s: Wow! and Why?
a.    Holy Week: Lazarus and Mary  w/Debbie
3.    The Fireside Chat: Talking a Blue Streak
a.    Holy Week:  Peter, Post Denial
4.    A Man of the Cloth: Now, It’s In Stitches
a.    Holy Week: Caiaphas, the High Priest
5.    The Yes Man: Will He Ever Say “No!”?
a.    Holy Week:  Pilate and Mrs. Pilate   w/ Debbie
6.    The Weight Lifter: His Record Still Stands!
a.    Holy Week: Simon of Cyrene
7.    The Convict: Free on a Technicality
a.    Holy Week: Barabbas (short)
8.    The Guide: Don’t Follow Him, He Went The Wrong Way!
a.    Holy Week: Judas Iscariot (short)
9.    The Forget-Me-Not:  He Loves Me, He Loves Me
a.    Holy Week: The Repentant Thief (short)
10.                  The Grim Reaper: Why Then, Is He Smiling?
a.    Holy Week: The Centurion at the Cross (See Below for Historical Article)
11.                  The Secret Admirer: Going Public For the First Time
a.    Holy Week: Nicodemus (+ Short Version)
12.                  The Skeptic: This Time, He is Sure!
a.    Holy Week: Thomas (+ Short Version)

Christmas Time Messages: Built Over Time
1.    The Dreamer: Leave, Cleave, Believe
a.    Christmas: Joseph of Nazareth
2.    The Watcher: Do You See What I See?
a.    Christmas: Simeon in the Temple
3.    The Farmhand’s Fable:  The Fleece, The Flames and the Fallout.”
a.    Christmas: a Shepherd of Bethlehem
4.    Title:
a.    Christmas:  Mary, Post Cross (+ Mother’s Day)  Debbie.
See Also: Gabriel in Doctrine Series
See Also: a Magi in Daniel Series

1.    The Risen Christ: He Calls Me Still!
a.    Easter: Peter (with fish) (Short Version)
2.    Blind Man’s Bluff: Hind Sight Really is 20/20
a.    Samson
3.    The Favored One: Daddy’s Little Boy Grows Up
a.    Joseph…Jacob’s 11th Son
4.    The Worthy Student: It’s a Miracle He’s In School
a.    School of the Prophets – Axe Head
5.    A Big Dipper:  The Maid, The Melanosis and the Minnows
a.    Captain of Naaman’s Guard - Naaman
6.    A Soldier’s Story: Gagging on a Gag Order
a.    Roman Soldier : Resurrection - Pay Off (short)
7.    When Money Talks: Messages of Change
a.    The Coin (Money in the Bible)
8.    The Cornfield Cleopas: From Confusion to Clarity
a.    History Alive:  Hirum Edson (Oct 22, 2011)
9.    The Marathon Man: When a Runner Hits the Wall
a.    Paul…Elder Kubrock’s Idea
10.                  The Officer and the Gentleman: Postage for a Prisoner
a.    Roman Soldier on Patmos, Re John’s Revelation  (Short)
11.                  The M.D. – When A Doctor Meets The Great Physician
a.    Luke – How Jesus Treated Women
12.                  The Barbeque: of Brothers, Brisket and Bear-hugs
a.    The Prodigal Son and His Brother
13.                  The Senior Citizen: Social Security and the Savior
a.    The Old Man – Ecclesiastes 12
14.                  The Fig-tree Figure: Finding Faith…and a Future
a.    Zacchaeus

Current Total Number of Messages: =  49


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