Thursday, November 27, 2008

Transition Talk

We are in the middle of our transition to new responsibilities at the Antioch Church. There have been complications along the way..with Debbie's job particularly. She was fired and then rehired at FULL TIME. In all our years of marriage, she has only worked full time for 2 years, while we were at the Seminary...and I was a full time student.

Our house went on the market on Friday, and we shall see when it sells.

We are in a difficult spot and the length of our transition is being a bit problematic. It will stretch on for another 6 months at least. It's very complicated and I have lots of mixed emotions about everything. Am I glad to be leaving? No. Am I glad to be arriving? yes. Do I like packing? No. Am I sad that my current house has dropped 100,000 dollars in the past year. Yes. Am I glad that I can buy a house much cheaper in our new community? Yes. Am I looking forward to the change? Yes. Am I sad to be leaving the friends I've enjoyed for the past 9 years? Yes. Am I looking forward to new friends in our new community? Yes.

So you see...lots of mixed emotions and anticipations mixed with sadness.

I've finally come to the opinion that God will be with me whereever I I'm glad that as we move to Antioch...God has already been there, will be there to bless our ministry in that church...and will work out the details along the way.

So...praise the Lord.
Jan 10 is now the final sermon day at Redding, and Jan 31 will be our welcome Sabbath at Antioch.

That's how it is in day on the calendar...when it finally arrives brings many changes.

Change on!

Kris Widmer

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