Monday, June 30, 2008

In the News: Prayer about Lower Gas

In line with the council to pray without ceasing and to pray about all things...we pass along this item.

Prayer at the pumps

prayer at the pumps

TOLEDO -- Turning to a higher power - to lower gas prices.

Members of the Toledo First Seventh-Day Adventist Church are holding a prayer at the pump vigil, asking God to solve the high gas price problem.

"Bush can't solve it. McCain and Obama can't solve it. We're going to have to turn to God," said Rocky Twyman, the vigil's organizer. "...Because we believe prayer is the answer to any problem in life. I believe this is the way God is telling us to stop depending on ourselves and trust in him," Twyman added.

"We as Christians are at least trying to do something. We're trying to be faithful to what God's calling us to do. We're not just dismissing it saying, well, that's irrelevant," said Mike Fortune.

People gassing up around the worshippers say it couldn't hurt. "I'm praying right along with them. Because I miss my dollar gas," said Angela Rollison.

The church members are not making any predictions, though, about how much they expect gas to go down. But they do have faith that their prayers will be answered.

The church is also planning a 12-hour prayer vigil, starting Friday at 7 p.m. at the Toledo First Seventh-Day Adventist Church on West Sylvania Ave.

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