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Life Sketch for Nadine Seltzer

Remembering Nadine Seltzer
She was Tanya Enriquez' mother.

Nadine Joy Seltzer

May 8, 1929 - May 20, 2008

Nadine Seltzer was born on May 8, 1929 in Hinsdale, Illinois. She passed to her rest on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 in Redding, California. She was 79 years and 12 days old.

She is survived by her only child; daughter, Tanya Enriquez and her son-in-law Chris of Redding, California and by their three boys, her grandsons. Ryan, Alex and Jacob Enriquez.

Nadine is survived by three brothers: Sheldon Seltzer and his wife Annie May of Buchanan, Michigan; Bruce Seltzer and his wife Shayne of Roseville, California and Randy Seltzer and his wife Sarah of La Canada, California. Her sister, Nancy Bylard passed away a year ago, in February of 2007.

She also is survived by two aged uncles, the brothers of her father. Forrest Seltzer who lives in Southern California and Charles (Chick) Seltzer and his wife Mabel of Paradise, California. Nadine also leaves behind many nieces, nephews and cousins in her large extended family.

Nadine was eldest of six children born to her parents, Harold and Paula Seltzer. She was a paternal twin, but her baby brother died just one day after birth. They were both very, very small; having been born premature. Paula, Nadine’s mother, looked forward to the day when God’s angel would place that little boy back in her arms.

Nadine had a difficult childhood. For a while they found a place to live above someone’s garage in La Grange, Illinois. They got to live there for “free”, but her father did work in exchange for the rent. The family relocated to Southern California, in 1936, during the height of the Great Depression.

When she was just a small girl, her family joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Somehow they scraped up the money to put their children in church school. Nadine was in an eleven member class at Glendale Adventist Academy, with her brother Sheldon, and with H.M.S. Richards Jr. He was her class president! Nadine liked to follow the ministry of her friend through the years, in his work as Director and Speaker of the Voice of Prophecy.

She graduated High School in 1948, and then went on to Glendale College, where she earned a degree in Art.

Nadine had a variety of employments through the years – She worked at a soda fountain, and at a hospital as a nurses aid, she was a cartoonist partner with the artist that drew Sweetie Pie, a popular daily panel that appeared in national papers in the 1950’s and 60’s. Occasionally Nadine would ink the artwork, but mostly she wrote the quippy caption. Once when Nadine and her mother were out to eat, Paula insisted on pointing out the panel in that days paper to the waitress. “The woman who does this is my daughter….See!” Nadine never wanted attention for her labors, but her proud mom insisted she get some credit.

As the eldest in the family, when Nadine started work; she helped to provide needed money to the family household. Her father was a house painter, and in the Depression it was either feast or famine…mostly famine. She would use her income to pay bills and buy food and other needed items. So in 1965, when Nadine was 36 and pregnant with her only child, it was natural for her to find a home base with her parents once again.

Nadine became a mom to Tanya. Oh, how she loved her daughter. And So Did Grandma and Grandpa. They were a household. Tanya says that her Grandpa spoiled her (Don’t all Grandpa’s!) and her Grandma took daily care of her from the age of 6 months, because Nadine needed to work.

Nadine worked for the City of Los Angeles for about 10 years, as a typist in the court house during those years, and she lived in La Crescenta. Tanya says she enjoyed a great childhood; with not only her mother’s love, but the loving care of both sets of grandparents in her life. There was lots of family togetherness. Their house was the place everyone came for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Grandma Seltzer was the cook and Nadine put the special touches on the home, making sure it was decorated. Nadine didn’t go to church much, but when Tanya and Harold and Paula came home from the Sabbath service, Nadine made sure that the lunch table was beautiful and delicious.

In 1976, Nadine and Tanya moved to Paradise. No other family, as yet, lived in the area and Grandma and Grandpa wanted to live in the “country.” Tanya was in elementary school, and Nadine made sure her daughter received a Christian education, through 12th grade.

When Tanya was in 9th grade, Nadine was in a very serious accident. She just didn’t show up when she was supposed to. She had wrapped her little V.W. around a tree and was sure the car was about to blow up, like in the movies. With a compound fracture of her left arm and a broken pelvis and left ankle, she somehow managed to crawl out of the wreckage, and was laying off the road, in the dark, not visible to any passing car. But God knew she was there. He arranged for a man to be looking for his dog in the driving rain. Tanya says “I don’t know who he was. He could have been an angel, for all I know. I don’t know if he found his dog…but he found my mom.” Nadine had a long, slow recovery, but recover she did! She was blessed with 30 more years of life! Today we praise God for this miracle.

When the Paradise Adventist Church had a series of meetings, Nadine attended them and came in contact with God’s forgiving grace. She started attending church regularly at the Upper Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church. She sought to be faithful to God in her stewardship, so she started returning tithe, and even kept a record in a notepad of the little bit extra tithe she would put in, to catch up for all the years she wasn’t able to give to the Lord.

Nadine was quiet and shy, but she was active in the church. Prior to her illness, she would come home from church and make notes, or read some of the passages from the Bible or Ellen White that had been mentioned during the pastor’s sermon. She had a deepening and growing faith.

When her parents were in their decline of life, Nadine took care of her parents. What a blessing she was to her parents and to her siblings. They all knew that Mom and Dad were getting the best of care, at home, from Nadine. It was her father’s wish that he never go to a nursing home, and Nadine’s loving care made sure he never did. After Harold passed, Nadine worked for others as a caregiver in the Paradise community.

Nadine loved to be a grandma. When Tanya was living in Santa Rosa, Nadine would drive the 4 hours down for a visit. Nadine was in the hospital for the births of all three of her grandsons and cherished them immensely.

About 10 years ago, Nadine herself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She managed it pretty well at first, and was able to live independently for a long time. She would run errands for the neighbors and functioned very well in the community. When Tanya moved to Redding, it became evident that Nadine needed greater care, and couldn’t live on her own. The natural thing to do at the time was for Nadine to move in with Tanya and her family. But that only lasted for a while, as Nadine needed around the clock care. She moved to a wonderful care home, where vegetarian meals were provided for her and birthdays were celebrated. She had her own room, and could sleep late. It was a perfect situation for everyone!

On top of Parkinson’s and its accompanying dementia, A couple of years ago Nadine was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw on a routine dental visit. She had a difficult operation and recovered from this as well. It definitely was the right treatment, and the doctor was amazed at her good recovery.

On May 8, Nadine celebrated her 79th birthday with Tanya at the convalescent center. In the next two weeks, Nadine gradually slipped away. The day of her death, she was anointed with oil by her pastor for God’s peace and grace to fill her soul. As Nadine had been beside her daughter in life, so now, Tanya was beside her mother at death. Her calling and election with God is sure, and we place her in God’s mighty arms.

Nadine has entered the temporary sleep of death. Soon, Jesus will come and call her forth to everlasting life in heaven and on the earth made new. It is the reality of the truth of the resurrection of the dead that gives hope and comfort to us today.

Our lives have been enriched because we have loved and have been loved by her. She has been a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandma, Aunt, and Friend! She enriched the lives of so many people and she will be truly missed. We place our hope in the resurrection and the reunion that awaits us all in heaven. May God bless us with His comfort and His peace this hour.

Lovingly prepared by Tanya Enriquez, along with Pastor O. Kris Widmer

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