Friday, October 03, 2008

Angels Watchin' Over Me

This week my sermon text is Jacob and the time he wrestled with a man/angel/divine being.

Jacob saw angels on at least three occasions.

Genesis 28:12
He saw the ladder to heaven with angels going up and down. What a comfort to him and to us too to know that any place on earth, God can lower a ladder, and the angels have access to help and comfort. We are never alone in this world. If you think God has abandoned you, open your eyes of faith to see a convenient door to glory and the angels that are coming and going in their duties for YOU.

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Genesis 32:1
He saw angels of God accompanying him on the journey back to confront Esau. Ellen G. White in Patriarch and Prophets says that these angels were in two groups and were his protection. When he was trembling in fear over what Esau might do to him, God allowed him to see the heavenly guard that God has sent along. Don't worry or fret - God's angels are on duty for YOU too.

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Genesis 32:24
He wrestled with the Man (Jesus?) all night. And the Bible says that by morning, It's a powerful thought to think that Almighty Christ contoled his supper natural strength, and allowed Jacob to have the upper hand. vs 25 "When He (the Man)saw that He did not prevail against him (Jacob, He (the Man) touched the socket of his hip..." Picture the pre-incarnate Christ in a head lock saying "Uncle." Wow! "Let me go!" he said. "I won't let you go...unless you bless me!" What a statement! The lesson for us is to hang in there with God...and demand the blessing he has for us too.

Thanks God for Angels.

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