Saturday, March 12, 2016

Poem - Expulsion

O. Kris Widmer
Genesis 3:22-24

Idea:    12 March 2016                                   Printed:  12 March 2016

Having failed to obey,
They trudged from their garden’s gate -
floral vines they had planted and trained
to keep the hares where they belonged –
out of their vegetables.
Now, it was no longer theirs.

There was nothing to do now
but make a bivouac, beyond the tree line
and hunker down for the night.

Tomorrow, they would cull their flock,
make sacrifice,  then make a second set of clothes
Later, maybe a pillow.

Skin garments removed,
they huddled for warmth in the evening chill,
no longer ashamed of their nakedness.
but already, the afflictions
of the growing thorns and thistles
were piercing their backsides.

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In Response to Three Word Wednesday – an online poetry prompt
Naked, adjective: (of a person or part of the body) without clothes, (of an object) without the usual covering or protection, (of a tree, plant, or animal) without leaves, hairs, scales, shell, etc., exposed to harm; unprotected or vulnerable, (of something such as feelings or behavior) undisguised; blatant.

Obey, verb: comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of, carry out (a command or instruction), behave in accordance with (a general principle, natural law, etc.).

Piercing, adjective: (of eyes or a look) appearing to see through someone; searching, (of wind or extreme temperature) seeming to cut through one, (of a feeling) affecting one keenly or deeply, (of mental attributes) sharp; profound.

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