Saturday, March 12, 2016

Poem - Cross Purposes

Cross Purposes
O. Kris Widmer
An Easter Poem
John 19:38-42

Idea:    12 March 2016                                   Printed:  12 March 2016

3 Word Wednesday – Poetry Prompt - 3 Required Words
Hateful,  Limp,  Marvel

The middle victim hangs
limp, lifted up
drawing all to Himself,
including two members
of the council of conviction.

Intentionally overlooked for the trial,
now they come with
burial permit:  duly notarized and stamped
spices:  mounds of myrrh
lengths of linen: to wrap a body

The hateful speakers are gone now,
back to their temple’s towers.
These two murmur only words of love.

“Such a shame what they did.”
“Yes it is.  I’m at cross purposes with it!”
“Me too! My, how they cursed Him.  He gave only blessings!”
“Gently now…don’t let his head drop.”
“Right.  I visited with Him one night, you know.”
“Really?   I too am a secret devotee.”
“I hope I bought enough spices.”
“I’ve got a tomb near here.  Let’s put him there.”

When finished, they rolled the stone,
shutting Him inside,
not knowing the marvel to occur
the day after tomorrow.

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