Monday, February 15, 2016

Poem - He Came To Die

I'm at The One Project in Seattle.   This is my third time at this gathering of people with Adventist faith in their lives...that are seeking to make Jesus.  All.    I am one of them...and it is why "Jesus.   All." has been printed on our church bulletin cover for the past 3 years.

Yesterday, on Day One of "The Final Week" the first presenter - Paul Dybdahl drew out from the Bible the parallels from the birth and death of Jesus.   It made me think of this old poem I wrote a few years ago.

O. Kris Widmer

He came to die.

The Babe in the Manger
The Man on the Cross

Both times, He is next to wood.
Both times, He is wrapped only in a cloth.
Both times, He is gifted with myrrh.
Both times, He catches Herod’s attention.
Both times, He is crying.
Both times, His mother, Mary, weeps and crys out.
Both times, it is a man named Joseph who saves the day.

One time, the angels sing “Glory to God.”
One time, they hide their faces, not daring to look.

One time, a bright star is seen in the sky.
One time, even the sun refuses to shine.

The Babe in the Manger
The Man on the Cross

Both times, He lays in a borrowed cave.

One time, He lays on soft, fresh hay.
One time, He lays on a stone-cold slab.

One time, He is alive and kicking.
One time, He is dead and stiff.

Both times, the soldiers come up empty.
Both times, the angels says “Fear not...”

Just think, He came to die for YOU.
He came to share your life and take your death,
so that you, though you share His death, may have His life.

The Babe in the Manger

The Man on the Cross

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