Thursday, March 23, 2017

Poem - Crumbs

O. Kris Widmer
Idea:  3/18/2017  Printed: 3/18/2017
Based on Matthew 15:21-28
Using the Required Words from Three Word Wednesday
Abandoned, Babyish, Culling are required words
Several definition words have been used throughout.
The tired woman from Tyre and Sidon
sidled up to Him.  She had called out
To her stone-based gods, but they had abandoned her.
But the newly flesh-based God had heard her.
He was in town.  She had heard of him,
but wondered if her babyish Aramaic
Would catch His attention.  It was worth a try.
Nothing else had worked.  She shouted!  “Have mercy…Lord!
Son of David…my daughter...wild convulsions…cunning demons”
At first, he said nothing.  However, his eyes twinkled.
He had his own trickery in mind.
His entourage of twelve said “Send her away.  Too loud!”
His words, then, opposed his eyes.  “I was sent
only to the lost sheep of Israel.”  The 12 said “Amen”
She bowed at his toes. “Lord, help me.  Help her!” She was not present.
He spoke again, with those same beautiful eyes –
Wait, was that irony and sarcasm in his voice?” Yes!
“It is not right to take the children’s pita’s and feed the dogs.”
The twelve again said “Amen!  Let’s move on.”
He looked at them, disdaining their juvenile judgments.
Her voice rises from the dust “Yes, Sir.
But the dogs always get the crumbs that fall from the table.”
There is a pause – long enough to make everyone (save the Rabbi)
“Oh my dear lady!” His words now match his eyes.
“Your faith is gargantuan!  Biggest I’ve seen!  It is done.
Your girl will never have a demon visit ever again…forever!”
It was not a crumb he offered…but a full plate -
Piled high with her favorite meal!
She dug in, savoring each morsel and mouth-full.
He walked away, eyes still twinkling…and moist.
The twelve pondered the love lesson they’d just seen.
Mom went home…where she found her girl in unbridled convulsions…

of dance!

This poem was written from prompts on
Three Word Wednesday
You can find links to other peoples efforts on their page.
They post 3 "required" words every week - on a Wednesday - for people to write something with those words... and link back to them.

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Sheilagh Lee said...

Very interesting story

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