Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Millennium Psalm

Millennium Psalm
A Psalm of O. Kris Widmer

God’s Power Demonstrated in the Second Coming
After Psalm 114
November 23, 2016

1.     When we came out the earth, the whole of humanity from the old terrestrial ball;
2.     We were as those rescued from destruction at the last minute.
3.     At the last minute, when time should be no more;
4.     The sky saw the Lord’s approach and departed, making room for His radiant glory to shine in
5.     The mountains saw Him coming and skipped away like happy new rams.  They flattened themselves making room for the millions of angels that formed His entourage.
6.     The graves, in land and sea; filled with the remains and cremains of our beloved dead cracked open; humanity, in good humor, emerged with new bodies.
7.     What was the matter - Oh sky, Oh mountain, O grave - that you should behave this way?
8.     Rejoice, you risen saints!  Rejoice, you of the living transformation!
9.     For the Resurrection and the Life has come.  He has faithfully fulfilled His promise to receive you unto Himself.
10. He has ended the reign of despot and demagogue.  He has brought peace to the planet.
11. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Cast your crown at His feet.  We are home!
12. Praise the Lord!

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