Thursday, May 26, 2016

Poem - Creation Clarification

Creation Clarification
O. Kris Widmer

Idea:  17 May 2016    Printed: 26 May 2016
Three Word Wednesday  #479 – Required Words:  Babble, Cherish, Damned

Inquiring minds want to know
Dear Biblical Literalist -
You who babble on, insisting life is clearly, ideally

Divided into black and white,
right and wrong,
male and female -

Which day were amphibians and many reptiles created?
Was it day five…or six?
The flying fish is easy for you, of course.

Day Four – they mostly swim in the water
But for those brief bursts,
They soar above the waves.

Air or Water, either way – Yes, Day Four.
But what about the myriad of megafauna that
Live between - at home in the swamps and marshes,

The wetlands, the estuaries, the bogs, the fens.
They may start life as swimmers,
Then transform into walkers upon the land.

The Toads.   The Frogs.  The Salamanders.
The Caecilians (Look it up!).
Tell me where these fit into your cherished positions?

And another thing – What about day 3?
You insist that the Sun, Moon and Stars
Were spoken into being on that first Tuesday.

But it doesn’t mention the comets at all?
Which day were they given form and sent
Sparkling on their way?

Sure, Yes - we have references to evening and morning,
But there is no mention the transitions
of the shadowy periods of dusk and dawn!

What of them?  I mention this because
It points out the ludicrousness of your literalism.
You insist that genitalia determines gender.

Everyone must fit neatly into the male and female
Boxes of your binary, and….full bladder
Transgender people be damned!

You ignore the statistically regular numbers
Of Intersex births – the differences of sexual development
that occur in the human family.

Some of them look normal on their birthday
Check the F on the Birth Certificate Form
But later on the learn all is not “normal” with their personal plumbing.

Yes…ideally - genitalia and chromosomes
And Brain function are often in agreement.
But if you haven’t noticed:  This world is not ideal anymore!

Please!   I beg you!   Do not ignore that our Lord said -
“Some are born eunuchs.”[1]
And they can and will belong in the Kingdom of Christ.[2]

All I ask is that you remember two realities
as you form your doctrines about marriage,
sexuality and bathroom privileges.

1.  When a person should receive a lower dose
of chromosomes, hormones or enzymes in the womb,
They do NOT receive a lower dose of God’s image.

2.  We are not in Eden anymore
And we are not in Heaven yet.
Thank you for your time.

[1] Matthew 19:12
[2] Isaiah 56:1-8, Acts 8:26-40

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