Friday, January 29, 2016

Poem - The Robe

The Robe
O. Kris Widmer

Idea:  29 January 2016                               Printed: 29 January 2016

Writing Prompt: Three Word Wednesday:  Required Words:    Pathetic, Radical, Seamless

In pathetic gaze,
the eyes glaze over
for the Man on the cross
during the hours He hangs there
after a spear
confirms His demise,
before the nails are pulled.

“That Radical Rabbi is gone.
Nothing more to see here, folks!
Disburse quiet like, ya hear!
Paschal Blessings!
Shabbat Shalom!”

a soldier tosses pinkish dice,
this high roller rolls high numbers;
then gleefully grabs his seamless winnings.

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Thanks for Doing It.

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