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Life Sketch - John Muniz

John Paul Muniz
August 27, 1964 - March 27, 2014

John Paul Muniz was born August 27, 1964 in San Francisco, California.  He passed away suddenly at his home in Pittsburg, California on March 27, 2014.
He is survived by his mother and step father, Corrine and Lee Lefler of Antioch California and by  the 6 children of the blended family formed when his parents married.  Jennifer Khan and her husband Najim of Watsonville, California; Yvoonne Betancourt of Antioch, California;  Chris Lefler of San Francisco; Ernie Lefler of Washington State; Dina Dianus of Pittsburg, California, his twin sister who was just 5 minutes younger then himself; and Robert Lefler of Antioch, California.
He is also survived by Marisa, Jamie and Antoinette, his nieces and nephew.

When John and Dina were born, Corrine was working in San Francisco doing office clerical work as well as working for a phone company.  After Corrine married Lee, the family moved out here to Eastern Contra Costa County.
John went to elementary school here in the Antioch area, and then middle school over at the Adventist school in Pleasant Hill.  He went one year to Rio Lindo Academy in Healdsburg, California, and then completed High school at Antioch High.   He went on to earn an AA degree in electronics from Diablo Valley College.   His most recent employer has been Smile Business Products, servicing copiers and other equipment all over the bay area.
As a very small boy, John has a penchant to wander off.  Dina remembers him one time taking off on his tricycle...up a freeway on-ramp.  Janeen's Dad had to rescue him...and administer some warmth to his back-side.  On another occasion, he and Dina decided to go for a walk about on a family visit to Los Angeles.   They had no clue where they were going...at the age of about 4 or 5.  Dina turned back...but John didn't.  He kept going and going.  Fortunately, Dina told Ginger...and the police were called.  John got a ride back in a squad car!
As an older boy, he was baptized into the fellowship of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  His older cousin, Janet Cloud, saw to it that John and Dina were taken to church and Vacation Bible School and Pathfinders and other church events.  He, along with his twin sister, were baptized by Elder Leon Hulse.  He enjoyed reading the Bible through out life...and lived his faith in God by being kind to his family and customers and careful in his work.
John was an avid sports fan...enjoying loyalty to the San Francisco Giants...and then the A's.   He didn't just follow wins and losses...but he could tell you details about the team.    Dina said that there were many years she did not spend their birthday together, for John was off traveling in the country, visiting a city for a baseball game.  He was able to attend every ball park for a game for the American and National Leagues of Major League Baseball. It's lamentable that he died just four days before the first game of this year's season...and would love knowing that the As' and Giants are off to good starts.
As an adult, John experimented with his own home made beer, learning the processes and crafting his own brews.  His work, along with his brother Robert, won awards in some of the beer contests in which they entered.
He was able to enjoy the benefits of being a home owner, as well as being a "family man"...not a family of his own...but he continued to enjoy the relationships of his mom and dad, as well as his siblings.  He loved attending the picnics and other family holiday events.
John has a good memory, and would claim to know what happened on various dates from his past.  If he didn't know...perhaps he would make something up that would be entertaining.  His mom remembers him saying funning things...and making her laugh.
Dina remembers when they were sharing the house, enjoying dinner together to classic rock songs on the radio.  They played a "guessing game" where he would quiz his sister on who, when, what album the song was by.  John usually knew the answers.  His knowledge of any subject he cared about was truly amazing.
Robert says that his brother John always looked out for him.  They shared a room and bunk bed together in their childhood, and a close brotherly friendship through out life.  There were camping trips together and many other fun times.
It is a shock to his family that he passed away so suddenly of apparent cardiac arrest.  He will be greatly missed.  Still, we celebrate his life and honor his memory today...and commit his body to the dust from which we all are formed...and his spirit to God who gave it.
            God, by His sovereign grace, has laid John to rest.  He has entered the temporary sleep of death.  Soon, Jesus will come and call him forth to everlasting life in heaven and on the earth made new.  It is the reality of the truth of the resurrection of the dead that gives hope and comfort to us today.
            Our lives have been enriched because we have loved and have been loved by John Muniz.  He has been a Son, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Uncle and Friend! He enriched the lives of so many people and he will be truly missed.  We place our hope in the "Blessed Hope", the resurrection and the reunion that awaits us all in heaven.  May God bless us with His comfort and His peace this hour.

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