Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And My Award is With Me

"I am coming soon.  And my reward for you is with me."  Revelation 22:12

The entertainment award season is upon us - the Oscars, the Emmy's, the Tony's, the Grammy's, the Golden Globe, the People's Choice...even the Razzies (an Oscar spoof - awarding the worst movies/actors).  It's a time of year when artists of all kinds are told "you done good"...and here is the highest accolade we can give you.  For the category of "Best ___________"...the nominees are....May I have the envelope please...and the award goes to ___________________.  Applause.  Acceptance speech, etc."  We've heard or seen it many times.

While watching the least hour and a half of the Oscars the other night, it struck me that most of the jobs people have and do...receive no such red carpet treatment.  Who gets the award for "Best Nursing Care of a Trauma Victim Between the Hours of Midnight and 6:00 a.m."?  What about "Best Burrito Made for Minimum Wage."?  or "Defensive and Polite Driving a Bus." or "Most Childhood Booboos Kissed in Calendar Year." or "Best Remodel of a Bathroom."  For most occupations, there are no award shows or trophies handed out.

In my own work realm, Adventist pastoral ministry, there are no award categories either.  But what if there were...
·      "Most tactful delivery of a wedding homily where the bride was obviously pregnant."
·      "Best eulogy for a reprobate."
·      "Best letter written in response to a person asking to have their membership removed."
·      "Best attempted reconciliation of feuding church members."
·      "Most organized church board notebook."
·      "Best polite comment made after eating inedible potluck food."(photographs and recipe submission required.)
·      "Best explanation of the 2300 day prophecy to a person under 15 years of age." (study handout submission required.)
·      "Most phone calls received using the pastor as directory assistance."
·      "Longest Board Meeting Endured"  (agenda submission required.)

Pastor's are no different than the rest of the population of the human work force.  We don't expect to be featured at the Kennedy Center Honors or told how wonderful we are.  We know that the greatest award ceremony is not of this world.

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