Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh, To Be Like Jesus

We all want to be like Jesus, and yet we so often fall short. Recently I saw a list, and thought I’d modify it and add to it…by reflecting on the many differences between Jesus’ ministry and my own.

Jesus of Nazareth * Pastor Kris Widmer

Born in Bethlehem * Born in Loma Linda

Son of the Everlasting Father * Son of my father, who died in 2007

Baptized in the Jordan * Baptized in a baptistery

Walked on Water * Often "skating on thin ice."

Rebuked the Wind * Wears a windbreaker

Changed Water to Wine * Changes Water into Lemonade

Welcomed Strangers * Is occasionally strange

Cursed a fig tree * Kills house plants

Fed 5,000 people * Attends potluck, dish in hand.

Saw Nathaniel under fig tree * Sees the world through CNN

Healed servant at a distance * Can use the remote control

Prayed, instead of sleeping * Sleeps, instead of praying.

Stomped the serpent’s head * Has a snake as a pet

Cast out the darkness * Relies on a night light

Gave sight to the blind * Worked at blind camp

Raised a man, dead for 4 days * Planned a funeral in 4 days.

Overturned the money tables * Sets up foyer tables.

Anointed with costly perfume * Wears cheap cologne

Cast demons into pigs * Believes pork is of the Devil

Friend of tax-collectors * Was audited in 2003

Cleansed lepers * Has changed dirty diapers

Stands at the door and knocks * Got locked out of own office

Observed the Widow’s mites * Picks up pennies in parking lots.

Was falsely arrested * Was “unfairly” ticketed for speeding

Preached a Sermon at Olivet * Preached a sermon, all of it!

Died on a cross * Is occasionally cross

Saved the World! Serious!* Watched the World Series

As you can see, I still have a long ways to go in my Christian life. I fail miserably at the goal of being like Jesus, in many more serious ways. That’s why I need to hang around other sinners in the church, so I can set a good example of being a poor example…and perhaps be an encouragement to others who are trying to muddle along through life too.

So…be gracious to yourself and those around you. Nobody’s perfect.

I can’t wait for the day when Jesus will come and change this flesh and blood into perfection.

Be Positive and Encouraging,

O. Kris Widmer


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