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As Valentine Day Approaches


The concept wasn’t thought up by St. Valentine or by some mythical cupid with wings and arrows. It wasn’t even something that man though up, back in the distant past.

No. Love is a God idea. “For God so loved the world...”

For God so loved the world that God created it in the first place. God looked out over the billion of spaces in space and said “Here shall be this planet.” It shall be amazing. It was out of love that God made this world...and us on it.

For God so loved the world that God warned the first couple to stay away from the one spot they could be tempted by the leader of the rebellion. “Stay away from there and you’ll be fine. Trust me.” It was out of love that God sought to preserve the perfection God has made.

For God so loved the world that God came looking for the newly naked pair of sinners, and listened to them as they hurled accusations at each other. God loved them enough to go looking for them, when their sin separated themselves from God and each other. It was out of love that God looked in those bushes.

For God so loved the world that God shared shared an immediate promise of The Redeemer. “He shall bruise your head, Serpent.” It was out of love that the Lamb was as good as slain.

For God so loved the world that God choose Abraham and Sarah to be a special missionary people, to share God’s message and to be the tribe of the Messiah. It was out of love that God said “Leave Babylon...and come to the land I’ll show you.”

For God so loved the world that God gave The Son to come into our show us what God’s love is like. Serving. Listening. Healing, Helping, Teaching, Confronting, Humbling, Dying. It was out of love that Jesus came.

Do you love God? Than you MUST love your fellow man. It’s required and not an option. “The one who says he loves God...and doesn’t love his fellow man, makes God to be a liar.”

And your love for others must be the same: Giving, Smiling, Forgiving,

Love. It’s a God thing.


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