Thursday, March 05, 2009

Current Prayer Needs

Hilltop Christian School - Pray that God will bless the efforts of our task force and ultimately bring us an increase in enrollment.

Derek Lewis - Living with Cancer. Intensive chemotherapy was begun, but was stopped because he was not tolerating it well. He is home now.

David Sarkar - Comfort on the death of his eldest sister in Bangladesh. He and his daughter have traveled there for funeral services. Pray for traveling mercies and a safe return.

Darrel Carson - His mother, Zelda Carson, passed away in Redding. The family is gathering in Fortuna this weekend for memorial services. His father passed away in the summer of 2007.

Bob Neufeld - living with cancer. He is the brother of Antioch members Victor and Elisabeth Neufeld.

Christina Lott - Lost her job last week. Pray that God will provide new employment in this difficult economy.

Mary Fua - continuing rehabilitation from her recent hospitalization and illness.

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