Friday, February 20, 2009

A Gift from God

My dear wife, Debbie, and I just returned from enjoying a gift from God.

Last November, we won an overnight stay at the Gaia Hotel in Anderson. We had taken 5 cans of food to the "Turkey Trot" as part of a canned food drive. We received 5 raffle tickets and were thrilled that 2 of our tickets were winners. (We never win anything, you understand.)

One of the prises was this overnight stay.

It had to be used in the next several months, so we made plans to use it during this transition time when Debbie is mostly in Redding and Kris is mostly in Antioch.

The hotel is a GREEN hotel. It has environmental friendly systems and is supposed to have a very small carbon footprint. Our stay included one night in a suite and dinner for two, as well as the included continental breakfast.

The evening meal was delicious, and would have cost $70 had we paid for it. It was in the Swan Lake Bistro. Appetizer Bread, Salads, Entrée, A shared Desert and one drink. We left a tip, and that was the only cash expended for the stay.

That evening, we took a soak in the hotels saline based hot tub. The water was nice and warm, and it felt really good. There were two fountains in the inner area between the three room hubs and the convention center/office/bistro.

The room was spacious.
The bed was very comfy.
The company was exquisite.

We give God praise for this gift from heaven that we could enjoy together and reconnect as a married couple.

We highly recommend that married people continue to date and take mini-honeymoons. We've been doing it for 26 years, and have no plans on quitting.

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