Monday, May 24, 2010

Saving the Best for Last

Sabbath I had one of those special moments in ministry that will not be soon forgotten.

I had the privilege of doing a baptism and a wedding...all in the contest of the same morning worship service.

Dianne Marsala was baptized during the first moments of the service...and then she went off to the Ladies Lounge with her friends to get all dressed up.

The service went on as normal, and none were the wiser except for a few people in the know. When I got done with the sermon, I paused, and Debbie started the Wedding March. The happy couple made their way down the aisle, and took their places...then I introduced the family that had come to be part of the special day, followed by inviting the best man and matron of honor to take their places.

After they said their vows they exchanged rings...and then I surprised them with a unique unity ceremony - CHAINS.

Prior to the service, I had painted two 12 link sections of a chain - one pink and one blue. I had also purchased a padlock to join the two chains in the service. And this couple had quite a history...they both had been married before...and they both had been married to each other before! But God has worked a miracle...and brought them back together.

As a symbol of God bringing them all fell into place when I was at Lowes picking out the chain and spray paint. The lock manufacture: Master. How cool was that. The Master was indeed the one who had brought them back together and would keep them together.

(Click Picture for a Bigger View)

After telling the couple that the keys to the lock would be thrown into the Sacramento Delta later that day....I pronounced them man and wife...then they kissed...and we all left church together.

What a fantastic surprise for the congregation...and a wonderful testimony to God's goodness and grace.

The sermon that day was on the Wedding of Cana...and truly God had saved the best for last.

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